Buyer and seller testimonials

SELL & BUY - “Thank you for all your effort in selling our first home and then in purchasing a new one. Your time, patience, and commitment to us was greatly appreciated. Your knowledge of the marketplace and attention to detail made our purchase and sale an organized and exciting adventure” Randy and Glenda Gilmour, Kanata

BUY & SELL - “Nancy and I relied on your expertise, experience and advice in listing and selling our home. We were rewarded with that reliance when the sale was completed quickly and to our desire. We can attest to the quality of the services you provide, the diligence you direct to a goal, and the effort you provide in your work.” Ross and Nancy Maxwell, Nepean

BUY & SELL - “Thanks very much for your hard work and enthusiasm in selling our home and finding us a new home. Your boundless energy and good nature helped us through that often stressful time. I attribute your quick thinking and ability to recognize and take advantage of a situation to the quick sale. I was impressed by your knowledge of the process, the many options available and the ramifications of those options. Looking at houses with you was fun. You showed us only those houses that were in our price range, you listened to our “need to haves”, and you guided us through the process, offering advice when asked or only when you felt that we really needed it. You intuition was bang on, and your empathy was truly appreciated. It was great to work with someone who was as excited as we were about buying a new home. During the negotiation process to buy our home, many high stress moments were diffused by your helpful input, which not only gave us perspective, but let us emotionally step back for a moment and regroup.” Gary and Carrie Gehling, Kanata

BUY & SELL - “I truly believe that your unending dedication and sense of professionalism was constant. You gave us objective opinions throughout our search, and NEVER pushed us in any way over any aspect of the process. You negotiated the purchase price of our new home with a sense of fairness, dedication and a much needed calm.” Jennifer Bleeks, Nepean

BUY & SELL - “Your prompt attention to our first call and the provision of all the required data and information was invaluable, as were the tips for preparing our place for viewing by clients. The large number of prospective buyers who came to view the property was most encouraging and we were immensely pleased and surprised at the relatively short time we were on the market. Your honest comments and advice made decision-making much easier. We enjoyed our meetings with you and found your sense of humour and all the little anecdotes about Ottawa’s history delightful.” Jill and Les Rowbottom, Ottawa